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Q3-MET Planning & Scheduling for Evraz North America

Evraz North America is a leading steel and iron company of the United States based in Pueblo – Colorado, specialized in the productions of finest rails, seamless pipes, rod & coiled reinforced bars. With its own long tradition in the steel industry starting in 1881, Evraz Pueblo already known before as Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, made an important contribution to the development of the America’s expansion of the rail system and on the supply of steel and iron to western America.

In the midst of investing in expanding its production, last year, Evraz North America decided to sign an important order for the supply of a new high-tech mill in Pueblo for the production of rails for heavy-haul and high-speed railways with Danieli. The new mill will replace the existing old one in the next months.

Now, with the increased volumes foreseen to produce and with the need for faster responses to market requests, Evraz North America decided to also invest in a new Planning and Scheduling system to organize part of its production and to be interfaced to the existing company’s MES, which was internally developed.

From the various available offerings in the market, Evraz chose Danieli Automation Q3-MET, which is a modular system able to integrate and complete the high-level tasks along with existing systems.

The project will begin with the installation of the new Planning and Scheduling functionalities on the existing rail mill to manage the actual production, then the functionalities will be extended to handle the new rail mill.

According to the project schedule, the system will be operational by the end of 2022, in line with the upcoming expansion activities of the plant.