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Inauguration of the Danieli DIGI&MET Lab at the University of Udine 

For the first time in Italy, a private laboratory has been set up in a university. It will help us to understand the needs of the market and to improve relations between schools and companies. 

The inauguration ceremony of the first private Danieli Automation Digi&Met lab took place in the center provided by the Università degli Studi di Udine (Uniud Village Labs). The lab – an idea of Danieli Automation – constitutes the first private initiative in its sector, both academically and nationally. This center, working in close contact with the university, will be specifically dedicated to innovation, combining advanced research and know-how in the metals manufacturing process. 

The lab will be multidisciplinary, covering topics such as advanced automation, robotics, process control, numerical modelling, artificial intelligence and power electronics, and will be able to rely on the continuous presence of highly specialized technicians belonging to Danieli Automation’s R&D team, who will be acting as tutors on individual cases as well as facilitators throughout the entire design and implementation process. 

The goal is to stimulate the interest of students, researchers and professors in a search for concrete solutions to the cases that are presented, while creating opportunities to rapidly develop and put them to the test.