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Impact and Opportunities of AI Techniques in the Steel Industry

Danieli Automation DIGI&MET is a member of European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) since 2007 and has an active involvement in Smart Factory and Circular Economy focus groups.

The ESTEP’s mission consists of creating a sustainable EU steel industry by facilitating collaborative projects, by disseminating project results and by fostering an active network of relationships within its community.

In these regards, Danieli Automation DIGI&MET attended at the end of 2020 a workshop entitled “Impact and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Steel Industry”, bringing an important contribution with its experiences concerning the application of AI/ML in the steel sector.

Later, the shared experiences and relevant results have been collected in a book that aims at promoting the opportunities provided by AI to address the sector needs in the current challenging market scenario.

Today Danieli Automation DIGI&MET is ready to engage its customers on this matter and to jointly achieve plant efficiency, process optimization, quality enhancement and environmental sustainability.