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IIOT and Smart Plants for Metal Production – Lecture at University of Udine

On April 16th, our CEO Alessandro Ardesi gave a lecture to the students of “Internet of Things, Big Data & Web” at the University of Udine.

This event has been an excellent opportunity to present Danieli Automation DIGI&MET vision and perspective on IIOT AND SMART PLANTS FOR METAL PRODUCTION.

The company, as explained by the CEO, is adopting IIOT technologies to deliver innovative products and services to its customers, helping them to become more competitive in today’s challenging market scenario through significant efficiency and productivity increases.

After an overview of the typical automation architecture of steel plants, an excerpt of the company IIOT platform-based implementations was presented, ranging from quality, energy and asset management systems to advanced process guidance solutions.

In this context, new behavioral models and skills are constantly improved to conduct the modern Intelligent plants, empowering the human-machine interaction.