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CyberChallenge.IT 2022

On June 6th we attended the award ceremony of the local Cyberchallenge.IT competition at the University of Udine of which we were a sponsor.

In the presence of Rector Roberto Pinton, who strongly believes in this initiative, we awarded Elia Cal who won the local competition but was also the participant with the highest score in all Italy. Our warmest congratulations go to him. In second and third place were Gianluca Zavan and Gioele Pettarini, respectively.

Danieli Automation DIGI&MET is actively engaged in industrial cybersecurity and can only find benefit in supporting these initiatives that strengthen the relationship between the company and the university and that is aimed at training new specialists in the field.

And as Professor Pietro Corvaja (director of DMIF) said during his introduction “Human beings are never more ingenious than in the invention of games. (G.W. Leibniz)” and these games on cybersecurity are the maximum expression of inventiveness. These results are possible thru the good cooperation that is actively sustained by Professors Marino Miculan and Gian Luca Foresti.