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Arvedi selected Q3-Premium, the Decision Intelligence Solution for Quality Control

Arvedi awarded Danieli Automation the orders for the delivery of its innovative Q3-Premium solution at two cold-mill complexes in Italy.

The first project will be implemented at Cremona plant and will manage a push-pull pickling line, a continuous pickling line, a tandem cold mill and three hot-dip galvanizing lines, including the quality lab. The second one will serve the technological lines of Servola plant, namely a tandem cold mill, two hot-dip galvanizing lines, a color coating line and the quality lab. Needed quality-related process parameters will be collected from various data sources (Automation Systems, Process Control Systems, MES, ASIS, manual inspection) and will be also used to build the product digital passport. Quality and SPC rules will be implemented in the system in order to manage product grading and improve process control.

Q3-Premium is DIGI&MET’s innovative modular solution for plant-wide quality control and assurance designed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the steel market. It contributes to reduce the product non-conformance ratio and to increase the production yield, ensuring a higher process repeatability. Moreover, it supports a fast response to customer claims, by identifying root cause for defects, and represents a key driver for knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

The two projects will be executed in phases and completed by the end of 2022.